Statutory Rape Elements Vary From Other Sex-Related Charges

Last week, we discussed kidnapping and how that crime is sometimes linked to other crimes. In some cases, kidnapping might occur in conjunction with a statutory rape case. Statutory rape occurs when a person has sexual intercourse with a person who is under the legal age of consent. Statutory rape charges vary from rape charges […] Read more

Sex-Related Charges Involving Minors Require Immediate Action

Any sex-related crime against a child is serious. Society as a whole looks down on people who are convicted of these types of crimes. Think about all the stories of adults molesting children or being in possession of child pornography and it is easy to see the negative association with these charges. We know that […] Read more

Child Pornography Charges Must Be Taken Seriously

Child pornography is a crime that is becoming more common since the Internet has made photos and similar materials more readily available. It is important for everyone to know that just because something is available on the Internet doesn’t mean that it is legal to possess. In the case of child pornography, a person who […] Read more

Forcible Sexual Abuse Charges Require Legal Representation

In our last blog post, we discussed the case in which a judge recused himself from a case involving a nurse accused of forcibly raping a patient. The judge discovered that there were issues with interrogation that led to him signing the arrest warrant. That case proves a very important point — if you are […] Read more

Sex Abuse Case Warrant Concern Leads To Judge’s Recusal In Utah

When someone is accused of a crime, he or she sometimes is subjected to seemingly endless hours of interrogation. The results of those interrogations are sometimes questionable, which can profoundly affect a case. In a recent case in Utah, the persistence of a defense attorney seems to be making some headway in a defendant’s case. […] Read more

Defense For Prostitution Or Solicitation Arrests In Utah

In our post last week, we discussed prostitution and solicitation. When our Utah readers read over that post, they might have realized that these crimes can be very serious. The consequences of prostitution and solicitation can reach far beyond just having to face criminal penalties. There is also the social stigma for people to consider […] Read more

What Are Prostitution And Solicitation In Utah?

We have often discussed crimes of a sexual nature, but many of those have been violent offenses. We haven’t often discussed prostitution, but it is a crime that can lead to serious consequences. It is important for our Utah readers to know what constitutes prostitution. What is prostitution? Prostitution occurs when someone has a sexual […] Read more

Understanding Date Rape Might Prevent Unwanted Accusations

Holiday parties and other events around this time of year are times to enjoy the company of friends and meet new friends. There is always the possibility that those festivities might lead to you meeting someone you are interested in. When that happens, you and that person might end up having some sort of relationship […] Read more

Date Rape Drug Detection Nail Polish Might Help Men And Women

Being accused of date rape is a serious accusation that some men find themselves up against. In some cases, the accusation is unfounded. Defendants have to prove that any physical contact that occurred didn’t fall under the umbrella of date rape or inappropriate contact. Some people are saying that a new nail polish invented by […] Read more

High School Teacher Accused Of Sex Crimes Again

Teachers spend a lot of time with their students. In some cases, teachers see their students more than they see their own children, significant others or other family members. With all this time they spend with students, it is easy to see how some might view certain interactions between teachers and students as inappropriate. A […] Read more